FLOW Wassail 2024

Our 2024 Wassail took place on Saturday 20th January at Exwick Mill Field.  It was a chilly evening but the warm glow of the night made it all incredibly worthwhile.  Many thanks to everyone who attended and to those who made the event possible.

Here are a few images of the Wassail…










All photographs taken by FLOW Wassail Exeter Photographer Jenny Steer

We are also able to share a beautiful reflection of the event by the wonderful Judith Morgane, who played the part of Sentinel…

The Heart of The Orchard

At the heart of the orchard is a stillness that is full of possibilities.
You feel it when you are there among the trees, the tall grasses,
The rush of the river… the city dimming and growing distant.

The stillness is almost tangible,
A quality of calm, quiet promise,
That I, Sentinel of the Orchard, embody;
Carrying the firebrand, a constant new beginning,
Into this liminal space that is for all
To visit, even linger, but not to stay.

Silent Sentinel speaks in many ways but not with words –
I hear you all around me, I listen to your many voices.
The children’s hushed amazement, the whispered questions
“Are they real?”, those silent guardians of the orchard.
“Do we follow them?” into the trees, into that
Pregnant stillness? And they follow, wide-eyed.
The sweet tune of the whistle guides us and I see
People moved to speak, to reach out and connect –
Respond to the fire in the darkness,
Grasping after that moment of other-worldly wonder.

Around the fire, I hear you:
“She is the goddess… a vessel to carry the spirit of the orchard…
guardian of the trees… blessing the soil… bringing fire into darkness…
see the Wind who fans her flames… she is between the worlds…
she doesn’t really see us… I think she is smiling.”

I am. It is good to be many things to many people,
Good to spark their stories of the orchard.
I give my own, silent thanks – Wassail!