You are invited to be part of a project to care for a new fruit & foraging route for insects, animals & humans along the River Exe which runs through the city of Exeter. To find out how this project got going visit archive posts like ‘background to FLOW‘, ‘Sketching out the route’ & ‘orchard lab‘.

Visit the Events page to find activities which have taken place or events which you can be part of or help make happen.  A printed map is now available marking all 193 trees for you to find.

HERE IS INFO ABOUT THE 2024 WASSAIL! We look forward to meeting you – just turn up and bring something to make some noise with and a mug for warm apple juice or cider. You can find the words for the wassail, music & sound recordings here.

If you want to find out more or be part of the growing number of people who are  interested in being part of FLOW please get in touch via floworchardexe@gmail.com, join our mailing list or follow this blog.

All images taken during the project are by Jenny Steer with additional images by Mary-Rose Lane and Anne-Marie Culhane

FLOW Exe River Orchard is registered as a CIC (community interest company)